B2B Matchmaking

ARIS understands the importance of meeting new potential partners and learning about targeted projects when attending a conference. Random meetings are great, but targeted meetings are even better and more efficient!

During ARIS, we want you to meet specifically the kind of partners you are looking for in your field of expertise and for the kind of projects and/or investment opportunities you are seeking.

Backed by the leading matchmaking software b2match, the organizers will help you organize and schedule meetings with precisely the type of partners you need.

After booking your ticket, you will be redirected to the b2match platform to fill in your details and preferences in terms of partners, project types, project status, location, investment amounts and other relevant details that will help you to connect with industry peers.

Based on the information provided by you and all other delegates, we will then match you with people who could become your partner on the other side of the deal and will schedule meetings for you during ARIS.

The platform also allows you to promote your project and business further through the “marketplace”, making it possible to share more info about it and attracting more delegates to meet with you to learn about your work.