Designation: Africa Special Programmes Lead: Clean Power, Green H2 & Clean Cooking, Climate Champions

Jabri is part of the Africa team of the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions team, having worked at the Stakeholder Engagement Team of the UNFCCC Secretariat, and has prior multilateral experience working at UNEP, Red Cross Kenya and Crevit Mulier (a legal bureau based in Nairobi) as well as volunteering at Greenpeace Africa and the Kenya Environmental Action Network. He has a climate and energy law background as well as training in environmental science. Jabri works to regionalise the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions’ global initiatives for Africa. He specifically works on the continued operationalisation and success of the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA), providing regional steer and key insights into the clean power workstream of the Climate Champions and mainstreaming clean cooking within the climate agenda. Jabri is also working on the approach for the HLCs on critical minerals mining in Africa.