Terje Osmundsen

Terje Osmundsen

  • Founder and CEO, Empower New Energy
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Terje Osmundsen is the founder and CEO of Empower New Energy. During his eight years as Head of Business Development in Scatec Solar, Terje developed a distinctive track record from pioneering and scaling solar energy in emerging markets. His leadership experience includes large international groups like Kvaerner, Telenor, SagaPetroleum and Alcatel, as well as publishing and think-tanks. He is a seasoned non-executive board member and currently serves as a board member at Norsk e-fuel–Norway and NextFuel–The Netherlands. Terje also has a background in politics and government, including working as a Political Adviser to the Prime Minister. He has a post-graduate (Cand.polit)degree from the University of Oslo in Political Science, Economics And Law. Terje is also an acknowledged thought leader and public speaker in his field.

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