Health and safety at ARIS

ARIS will ensure best health and safety measures are instituted to the highest standards, and are adhered throughout the duration of the event. Our guests' safety and health are our biggest priority, and we provide security, adequate health systems, and ensure compliance with all attendees to these strict health and safety standards. 


Fire safety - we will carry out and maintain a fire safety risk assessment and ensure there is no risk of fire during the event, and the event there’s one, there’s proper measures in place to contain it rapidly.


Sanitation - we will provide a sufficient number of hand sanitising stations throughout the venue and encourage their regular use. 


Medical support - we will have a medical-trained team or first aid stations staffed by trained professionals who can promptly respond to any health-related incidents.


Security - we commit to providing security at all times, and carry out risk assessment measures to identify potential security risks.